Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So, I took the day off because I needed the rest. Yes, I know that I have Thursday and Friday off, but and extra day really came in handy. I have been rather tired because of my workload, so I thought I would treat myself. I got a haircut and cleaned up the apartment. I am expecting a guest this weekend and I do not want him to think that I am some slob.

So, if you listened to the Edith Piaf selection and you do not speak French, I shall briefly explain the song. The song is titled, "The Crowd." It is about a girl standing in the midst of a crowd and then the people push her against her will in the direction of a man she does not know, and as soon as she sees hime she feels a beautiful feeling for him and wishes she could stay with him all her life, but suddenly the people push her far away from him. In the end she finds herself on her own and ther person she loved is lost forever.

This is my dear friend Mark. I have known him for about nine years. We met at through a mutual friend at USC.

I decided to take a picture of myself in the hotel.

This is my friend Mari. We used to work at Jefferson HS. She is a very dear friend of mine. This picture was taken in front of the LaFond Winery in Buellton. The wine was so-so, but like Alma Rosa, the view was spectacular.

This is the view from the Alma Rosa Winery in Buellton, CA. The wine is excellent, but the location is superb!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday, Tuesday

'Twas a short day for me. The school day ended at 1:50, but I had to endure some knickknack meeting in the computer room. After that, I was rushed to an SLC meeting where I had to listen to incessant chatter about detention. I was glad to get home and go to the gym, eat dinner and play with my cat, Gaston.

I have the blues this evening. Over the weekend, I went to the Santa Ynez Valley with my parents and friends to do a some wine tasting. I went to five great wineries and two "ok" wineries. The best, by far, was Kenneth Volk which has an amazing pinot noir. Anyhow, I have the blues because I was surrounded by such peaceful, tranquil beauty for a couple of days and now I am here, at home, in Los Angeles sans good wine, good friends and my 'rents.

Edith Piaf - La Foule